Friday, May 22, 2015

[Exitway Observation] Employee vs Entrepreneur - Which type you are now?

An Organization vs. Yourself

Employee vs. Entrepreneur
Your choice will come out the different result.
 Check it out you are employee type or entrepreneur type

 Fantastic Office Tower vs. Your Home / Apartment / Garage / Sharing Office

Healthy 8 Hours Sleep vs. Never Enough Sleep

 Regular Schedule With Company Rule vs. Anytime Anywhere Anyfood

 Stable vs. Chaos

 Happy Weekend / Happy Annual Leave / Happy National Holidays vs. Where Is The Holiday??

 Happy To Receive Annual Bonus vs. It's Time To Give Money To Everyone

 Stable Growing Income Vs. Don't Know Where Is The Next Meal

 We Are Employees, We Are The Same vs. You Are Strange Only Think About Money

 Controllable Stress Level vs. Always Over Limit

 Single Professional Skill Vs. You Need To Know Everything

 Single Dimension Of Thing VS. Considering Everything Everyone Every Posibility

 Money Vs. BIG Money

 Low Chance Unless You Do Gamble Vs. Maybe You Will Bankrupt Tomorrow

 Liner Growing Income Vs. Exponential Growing Income (Only for Successful Entrepreneur...)

No Matter Which Side You Are. Enjoy Your Life.

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==Price & Promotion in Exitway Studio Flagship Puri==
Standard Price : Rp 180.000 per PAX, Minimum 4 People for each sequel.
7th - 18th May, 2016
Grand Opening = 50% OFF
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==Price & Promotion in Exitway Studio Classic Gading Serpong==

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@ Exitway Studio Classic Serpong
Alamat: Ruko Glaze 1 B No.30 Paramount, jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia.
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Telpon: 021-40061620 / 081293819100 (WhatsAPP)
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