Thursday, April 28, 2016

[Finished][Now - Until 6th May, 2016] COMING SOON 70% OFF! Exitway Studio Flagship Store in PX Pavilion, Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta

Hi Escapers,

We are glad to announce our NEW Concept for Exitway Studio Flagship Store is COMING SOOOON in the SHOPPING MALL !!

Aiming for 


↓↓ Check it Out Here ↓↓ 
Instagram Fan Page: Exitway Studio Instagram

Sequel 1 : Mission Mars (Coming Soon for Soft Opening on 4th May, 2016 (Wed))

In  2050, you are the Captain of the spaceship called "Universe 77".
You are assigned to deliver the important material from the Earth to Jupiter. 
While you are travelling,there are meteorites explosion that hit your spaceship 
and cause great damages. Before running out of fresh air, 
you need to process the emergency landing in Mars. 
The Energy Crystal is the only hope for you. 
Can you successfully find the crystal and reactivate your ship?
*There is a secret behind this explosion, do you notice that ?

Difficulty : ★★★
High Tech : 
Teamwork : 

Sequel 2 : File Z - Mystery Chambers (Coming Soon End of May, 2016)

After you found out the secret on the Mars. 
You really want to find out the truth inside The Z Corporation. 
Which is the top secret level organisation who supports FBI for homeland security on the Earth. 
You and your team sneak to the main building for top secret documents. 
You're hacking into the lift and going to underground in Z corporation.
All the connection to outside will be lost, you can only rely on yourself. 
Before FBI agent catch you. 
Can you find out the reality and bring the document from the Z Corporation?

Difficulty: ★★★★★
High Tech : 
Teamwork : 

↓↓ New Location: Lt.2 PX Pavilion, St. Moritz which is Managed by Lippo Mall Puri. Next to Mall Puri Indah.

Visit our Studio and have the best real room escape experience.

==Price & Promotion in Exitway Studio Flagship Puri==
Standard Price : Rp 180.000 per PAX, Minimum 4 People for each sequel.
7th - 18th May, 2016
Grand Opening = 50% OFF
*Required to upload photo Instagram / FB

==Price & Promotion in Exitway Studio Classic Gading Serpong==

==Kontak Kami==
Kami menunggu kedatangan kalian!!
Datang dan bersenang-senang bersama! 
Official Website:
Facebook Fan Page: Exitway Studio Room Escape Indonesia
Instagram Fan Page: Exitway Studio Instagram
Online Booking: Exitway Studio Booking System
Youtube Channel: Exitway Studio Indonesia
Blog: Exitway Studio Indonesia

@ Exitway Studio Flagship Puri
Alamat: PX Pavilion Lt.2, Lippo Mall Puri, Jakarta Barat
*Click here to see how to go to Exitway Studio Lippo Puri
Telpon: 021-40803187 / +62-813-1001-1876 (WhatsAPP)
Line: Exitway-Studio

Jam Buka:
Hari kerja: 10:00AM-10:00PM
Akhir Pekan: 

@ Exitway Studio Classic Serpong
Alamat: Ruko Glaze 1 B No.30 Paramount, jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia.
*Click here to see how to go to Exitway Studio
Telpon: 021-40061620 / 081293819100 (WhatsAPP)
Line: Exitway-Studio

Jam Buka:
Hari kerja: 13:00-21:30
Akhir Pekan: 11:00-21:30

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